Challenges in the time of COVID-19: how to maintain healthy and non-violent family relationships?



Today the world is facing a serious epidemic that has changed the dynamics of work, daily routines and family relations. With the need for isolation to contain the escalation of contamination caused by COVID-19, families face serious challenges in dealing with work, financial obligations and family relationships. In order to help families to deal with these challenges, the PARENT Project has gathered a series of resources created and recommended by international organisations, in order to promote healthy, non-violent family relationships.

With schools closed and children at home, with the need to adjust to working from home for some, or with the need to continue work activities at their workplaces for others, we know that the levels of anxiety and uncertainty are very high. In addition, the latest data from several countries alert us to an escalation of cases of domestic violence.

We know that, for different reasons, social isolation represents a different challenge (and risk!) for people, according to the situation in which they find themselves.

In these guidelines you can find several links with relevant information and tips that aim to make your daily routine more positive and safer.

PARENT Covid 19 Families Guidelines


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