Final Conference | Engaged Fatherhood: Learning from the PARENT Project



Launched in 2019, the PARENT project aimed to tackle the challenges of prevention and eradication of violence against women and children by engaging men in co-responsible parenting and caregiving, and promoting an equal share of unpaid care work.

Funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme and through partnerships with local organisations in four EU countries – Austria, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal – several activities and awareness raising campaigns were developed to promote changes in social attitudes and behaviours regarding gender roles in caregiving.

As the project wraps up, a final conference brought together the various local delivery partners and external guests to reflect on results, lessons learned and ways forward.

The full recording is available in the link below:


Welcome and opening

Dr. Tatiana Moura, Centre for Social Studies

Portugal | State of European and Portuguese Fathers 

Linda Miriam, Centre for Social Studies

Dr. Tatiana Moura, Centre for Social Studies

Dr. Marisa Matias, European Parliament

Italy | The role of health professionals in engaging fathers in the first thousand days: why it matters and what we have learned

Andrea Santoro, Cerchio degli Uomini Torino, PARENT Italy Coordination

Annina Lubbock, PARENT Italy Coordination

Dr. Angela Giusti, Italian National Institute of Health

Dr. Giorgio Tamburlini, MD PhD, Centre for Child Health

Lithuania | Active fatherhood as a strategy for prevention of domestic violence: the role of social workers 

Dr. Vilana Pilinkaite Sotirovic, Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences / Centre for Equality Advancement

Dr. Margarita Jankauskaite, Centre for Equality Advancement

Vilma Gabrieliute, Equal Opportunities mainstreaming group at the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson

Austria | Promoting engaged fatherhood through educational groups: experiences and recommendations from the PARENT fathers’ laboratories 

Mag. Elli Scambor, PARENT Austria Coordination

Dr. Ines Pamperl, City of Graz, Managing Director at the Office for Youth and Family Medical Service

Mag. Hubert Steger, (Vienna)

Global | Presentation of PARENT campaigns 

Q&A | Debate and final reflections 

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